big during advertising’s biggest stage

2016 Progressive Super-Duper Bingo


During the Superbowl, companies usually fight to get people's attention for only 30 seconds. Through Super Duper Bingo, Progressive wanted to find a way to engage with people during the entire game.

Drawing on the insight that many viewers watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, we created a game that ensured no matter what ad was on TV, people would be connecting with our brand by spotting the commercial clichés and stamping their digital bingo board—all for a chance to win home and car payments for a year.

The grassroots idea resulted in 165 million media impressions and an average consumer engagement of 47 minutes. With a little help from Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Super Duper Bingo proved that million dollar ideas don’t have to cost millions of dollars … or even hundreds of thousands.